Catfish Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: What You Missed

Here are three things you missed from last night’s episode of Catfish. Some minor spoilers from the episode and my personal life lie ahead.

The Problem with Relevance: Throughout the episode and the next episode teaser, Catfish began to go down a very inevitable road- cultural relevance. The cultural capital they have acquired throughout their first season is beginning to show in its follow up season. Josh and “Marq” are both fully aware of the show, and recognize Nev after he calls them. This also rings true in the teaser for episode three, where the “Catfish-er” (?) hangs up after hearing why Nev is calling her. This inevitably leads to the point that their relevance is going to not only affect the workings of the show, but the culture itself as well. By bringing the conflicts and issues of Catfish-ing to life, more people on and off the show will presumably understand the consequences of taking such actions. Nev and Max are no longer exploring a cultural phenomenon, but crusaders in resolving it. They’re basically like Catfish Batmen.

Another Really Odd Bromance Moment: While the Miami “Fedora-Cigar” adventure was new ground in the series, the sequence in Texas (naturally) went even bigger and further then the previous sequence, through having the pair play Cowboys together. The purpose of these sequences are clear: its a way to lighten up the mood of the show, and cut the tension of these two episodes. And in that way, it does succeed. But that doesn’t eliminate the strangeness here. Unlike the first episode, which while odd, exhibited them partaking in the city and culture they found themselves in, this one was a bit more structured. While the purpose is clear, it often came off as a bit too structured amidst the show’s blueprints. Also, if people weren’t shipping Nev and Max before, they definitely are now.

Nev Fashion Update: Nev brought the pain in the jean flannels this episode, with not one but TWO colors: a nice Ross Geller Salmon and the standard blue. But along with those inevitable inclusions, Nev introduced a new part of his ensemble at the start of the episode that got me pretty excited, which were these shoes:

Nev Penguins

Which to my shock, I also found on my floor.


The evidence here is pretty glaring. Although I tried to run the shoe’s phone number and do a Google image search, I fully believe that these are the same shoes. It’s clear my shoe game is not being Catfish-ed but rather is Catfish-esque.

Until next week, keep calm and do image searches!


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